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How SubscriberTrain Works...
Each time you log in and ride the train, the following will happen...
  • You will be subscribed to the 5 most recent train passengers.
  • You will be added to the train and displayed on the homepage.
  • The next 5 people to ride the train will be subscribed to your Channel.
  • That's it!
Note: We have a strict policy about un-subscribing after riding the train. If you are caught you will be banned from our service. So play by the rules and have fun! :)
Frequently Asked Questions
Is against YouTube's Terms of Service?
No. All that we do is help facilitate sub4sub. You know how you get an email from YouTube each time someone subscribes to you? What does it say in that email? It says "why don't you return the favor and subscribe back to XYZ". The more subscriptions there are, the better the YouTube community is.
Is it safe to use
Yes. Our service has been used by thousands of YouTubers since launching in June, 2011. We are registered to make secure requests with YouTube and we take your privacy/security extremely seriously.
Do you sell YouTube™ Subscribers?
How often can I ride the train?
Once per day.
How many Subscribers do I get when riding the train?
You will almost always get 5 subscribers when riding the train but we cannot guarantee it. There are a variety of reasons why we can't guarantee it. The main reason is that if someone rides the Train immediately after you and they are already subscribed to your Channel, you won't get a new subscription. Also if YouTube™'s servers are down or undergoing maintenance, it could mean that you won't get 5 subscribers (rare).
Is the service Free?
Yes. Every 3 days you receive a Free Train Ticket and can ride the train . If you don't want to wait 3 days between each ride, you are welcome to purchase more tickets and ride every day.
Can I unsubscribe from the people I am subscribed to?
NO. Do you want people unsubscribing from you? Those are the rules. If we find you unsubscribing, you will be banned from our service.
Can I get subscribers without subscribing to other channels?
Yes, you can pay to be a Featured Passenger. Log in to learn more.
What is a 1st Class Passenger?
1st Class Passengers pay a small monthly fee to be added to the train automatically every day.

Everyone is welcome to use our site for FREE but some people like to save time and pay a small fee to get added automatically every day. Plus there is the added benefit of randomly showing up on our homepage.

What is a Featured Passenger?
By signing up as a Featured Passenger, you are advertising your Channel on and will be able to gain a ton of subscribers without ever subscribing to other people or riding the train.

Watch Video Explaination
  • Our Twitter account will Tweet about you - @SubscriberTrain
  • We display 5 random Featured Passengers on our homepage every time it loads
  • Every email sent out will include your channel name, tag line and link (thousands per day)
  • You are listed along the left hand side of screen when logged in
Our users earn free Train tickets for subscribing to your Channel. This means you'll gain HUNDREDS OF NEW SUBSCRIBERS every day as a featured passenger. Statistics
How many people will see your Channel?
  • 68,000+ unique visitors every month
  • 200,000+ visits every month
  • 935,000+ pageviews every month
Get Your Video Featured on SubscriberTrain
Do you have a video that you want seen?
Feature it on and watch your view count grow!

When your video is featured it will show up in the following places...

  • Homepage - seen by thousands of people each day!
  • On right side of Account page - seen by everyone logged into SubscriberTrain
  • Your video link will appear in every email sent out from SubscriberTrain (thousands per day)
  • Embedded for viewing on the 'Ride Success' screen after passenger rides train Statistics
  • 45,000+ unique visitors every month
  • 135,000+ visits every month
  • 650,000+ pageviews every month
Yes, you can feature your video for FREE (for 30 minutes) all day long.
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The Bad News :(
YouTube randomly shut down our API access so unfortunately SubscriberTrain can no longer operate as is without some work and we don't have time to implement the changes.
THANK YOU for being part of our site. It was a fun run and we couldn't have done it without you. Anyone with a 1st Class Ticket will have their membership automatically canceled. We wish you all the best of luck in your YouTube careers!
If anyone is interested in purchasing SubscriberTrain (domain, source code, database, branding, Twitter account w/ 118k Followers, etc) please email with offers. Serious inquires only please.

The Good News :)
Sub4Sub can only get you so far. Here are other services that will help you achieve success on YouTube...
Service Benefits Downsides

YouTube AdWords
Purchasing views through YouTube's AdWords is encouraged by YouTube (obviously) so there is no risk to your channel. These will be "real" views. Buying advertising through YouTube can be expensive. Also, because they are ads, you will get a very low engagement rate.

Gain organic views and subscribers through search engine optimization. Good long-term affect on your channel. They also offer great time-saving tools. It takes effort to go in and optimize your videos (not a "1-click solution")

Good tools for moderating your comments and finding influencers on your channel. Can be expensive and they are focusing more on enterprise and less on smaller channels now.
A fun and unique way for the YouTube™ community to gain new Subscribers.
A fun and unique way for the YouTube™ community to gain new Subscribers.
Log In with your YouTube™ account.
SubscriberTrain is registered with YouTube™ to make secure authorization requests.
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