Frequently Asked Questions

We are the only supplier of Real YouTube Views, putting real people in front of your video. We offer 24 hour support and a dashboard to track your progress towards going viral!

All of our YouTube views and other services start immediately and most often you can see it being delivered within 6 hours. YouTube doesn't update all stats in real time though so please wait atleast 6 hours.
YouTube does not immediately update stats which includes views when the video has more than 301 views. As this is not something we can change please be patient. Some users report not seeing changes for up to 12 hours.
Our services are completely safe to purchase and you have nothing to worry about! Our views are from real people, not bots or exploits! We've never had a video removed or account banned due to our services.
All the views (and other services) we provide come from real viewers, no bots or exploits. We naturally promote your video and a real audience views it.
Currently for views the minimum is 1,000 per video.
We mean exactly that. The views we deliver are from humans sitting at their computer and watching your video.
Our speed varies with the number of orders we have but for 10k views and less it is usually completed within 24 hours of being added. More views will take longer. We constantly update view delivery speed so please check the price list for the most up to date speed.
Unfortunately no. That is something we cannot share.
Your Satisfaction Guaranteed -
We will Refund Any Submissions that has errors.

Our Viral Marketing Tips

Don't use low quality providers

Using a low quality provider will harm more than help with the chance of you not even getting what you paid for!
They use bots and exploits which are likely to be removed and possibly even get you banned.

Use more than just one factor

Places like YouTube take more than just view count into consideration. Having a mix of YouTube views, likes, dislikes, comments and subscribers to ensure a natural mix will get you the best rankings.

Satisfaction Guarantee

While other companies resell their services and are just middlemen, we run our own network. We also provide the easiest dashboard to use! Quickly add your videos, check their status and use our API to streamline your own business! For the more entrepeneurial customers we provide an affiliate program with the highest earnings and you get paid for the lifetime of your referrals!

24 Hour Customer Support

It does not matter what time of day it is, we are here to help. We offer knowledgeable and up to date articles, FAQs and when you need more indepth help or clarifications our support personnel are ready to help. We aim to please and we are sure you won't be left unsatisified.